Pediatric Services

At UHC, your child's healthcare is a priority.

We provide a high quality of healthcare for children in our community at every step from birth to adulthood. Our qualified pediatricians are dedicated to ensuring that your child's overall wellness is accomplished through quality health care, education, and compassion.

We can help with:

Pediatric Primary Care

Children Physicals


Health Education


Jagdeep Tuli, M.D.


"My goal is to provide an excellent healthcare experience and the best care to everyone that visits me."

- Dr. Tuli

Find Dr. Tuli at our Fresno Ashlan Health Center.

Menouchehr Bazyani, M.D.


"It is a privilege to be a pediatrician. Thank you for trusting me to take care of the medical needs of your children."

- Dr. Bazyani

Find Dr. Bazyani at our Clovis Herndon Health Center.


Schedule your visit today. Our excellent pediatricians are ready to serve you.