2017 Volunteer and Volunteer Supervisor of the Year



When the Volunteer Program celebrated its 2-year anniversary, an Annual Recognition Award for both Volunteers and Supervisors was rolled out. These awards recognize the hard work and efforts of those who are participating in the program (both volunteers and supervisors). The awards encompass the awesome service of volunteers and the extra efforts of supervisors overseeing these volunteers. Both awards recognize volunteers and supervisors who have gone above and beyond to support our patients, UHC’s Mission, the Volunteer Program an display our ICARE Values in all that they do.  The recipients of these awards receive a certificate to display, a $25.00 gift card and will be spotlighted in the Volunteer Newsletter.

 The 2017 Supervisor of Volunteers Award went to Aaron Aranda, HCA Supervisor at the Kerman Health Center. Aaron has done a fantastic job supervising multiple volunteers at once and supporting their efforts to gain community service hours for scholarships, college and work experience. Aaron was also a great support to the new summer position which was rolled out this past summer called the Outdoor Guest Specialist.

 The 2017 Volunteer of the Year went to Ayyaz Mahmood a senior at Kerman High School who has put in over 235 hours doing an excellent job as an Indoor and Outdoor Guest Specialist. Ayyaz has been spotlighted in 2 Volunteer Newsletters and has committed many hours over the summer supporting the Outdoor Guest Specialist position. He is still currently volunteering a few hours a week to obtain acceptance to a CSU or UC system. Ayyaz has submitted over 6 applications to the UC and CSU systems and plans on applying for a multitude of scholarships in the coming months. Management and staff members all said Ayyaz is a hard-working young man and puts his best foot forward each and every time.


Kerman_Outdoor_Guest_Specialists_1.jpg Volunteer-Program-Annual-Award-Kerman-01-2018-1.jpg Volunteer-Program-Annual-Award-Kerman-01-2018-2.JPG

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